Leadership Course

Leadership Skills

Learn the Essential Leadership Skills to Succeed in the Business World

A Step by Step Practical Guide to Help you Understand the Important Leadership Skills to Succeed

We developed this course to support anyone in becoming a better leadership and in understanding some of the key business skills

Understanding what is leadership and how it impacts your day-to-day business activities are essential in today’s competitive business world. In this simple and practical course, we take you through a step-by-step guide to the accounting process, highlighting the essential leadership topics that every business should know and track.
This Online Course and support service is provided by www.potential.com as part of our Real World Education series.  

All videos aim to provide practical learning that you can put into action. Over 1 hour of practical video content, supported by cases and additional resources.

Potential.com Online Course Methodology

In addition to the online self-service course, you will also be invited to attend a webinar on the topic which gives you an opportunity to ask questions to an expert and interact with peers. 

A support team would be available to answer any question you have within 24 hours. 

What's included?

12 Videos
1 Quiz
13 Surveys
37 Texts

Course Curriculum

Leadership Pretest

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