Freelancing in Gig Economy

Freelancing in Gig Economy

Learn how to navigate through the freelancing gig economy successfully

Why Did We Develop This Course

The gig economy is the way of the future. Understanding how freelancing in the gig economy works will increase your chances of establishing a successful career in the gig economy. The world is making a shift towards this type of business. Understanding the different aspects of what it takes to be successful in this style of business will give you a head start that can propel you to success.
Through the program, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos that will lead you through different strategies that will also be extremely informative. 


Who is it for?

Anyone who is looking to gain a more comprehensive understanding of freelancing and the gig economy. 


What you will learn

After the completion of the course, you will be given tips and tricks to establishing a strong financial strategy and a professional Upwork profile.


What's included?

8 Videos
1 Quiz
9 Surveys
8 Texts

Course Curriculum

Freelancing in Gig Economy PreTest
Freelancing in Gig Economy PostTest

Doing mistakes is part of the learning process, but don't do the same mistakes that others have learnt from.

Take this course to save time, money and pain so you can focus on your own learnings.

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