Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Become an Exceptional Creative Thinker

Why Did We Develop This Course

Creativity is the process of nurturing your imagination allowing you to “think out of the box”. Being able to train your mind to think creatively helps you invent, problem-solve, create and communicate in fresh, new ways. In this simple course, we will take you through a step by step process of how to improve your creative thinking skills by learning about different kinds of approaches used to help you become more open-minded.
Through the program, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos to help you become an exceptional creative thinker that can tackle almost anything. 


Who is it for?

Every person can improve their creative thinking skills helping them create, interpret and visualize possibilities in their daily life routines at school, university, organization or simply at home. Thinking creatively is a step forward to raise hidden talents that will push our world to a lasting global success!


What you will learn

After the completion of the course, you will be guided through a step by step process to develop a personalized template, tools and an Acknowledgment of Completion showing your ability to think creatively.

What's included?

5 Videos
1 Quiz
6 Surveys
5 Texts

Course Curriculum

Creative Thinking PreTest
8 Reasons Why Creativity is an Essential Skill for Everyone to Learn
6 Ways to Apply Creative Thinking in your Everyday Life
Another Creative Approach: Lateral Thinking
8 Things to Avoid which will Impact your Creative Thinking
Creative Thinking PostTest

Doing mistakes is part of the learning process, but don't do the same mistakes that others have learnt from.

Take this course to save time, money and pain so you can focus on your own learnings.

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