24 minute Sales

24 minute Sales

An overview course on essential enterprise sales skills for the workplace

Why Did We Develop This Course

 Professional sales skills especially Enterprise Sales (B2B) are unfortunately not taught in Universities or Schools. This is despite the fact that all businesses need sales and as such there are many jobs and opportunities available for productive sales individuals.


 Through this program, we aim to practically and efficiently empower individuals by providing a step by step guide through the sales process. The program output would allow job seeking sales professionals to get an understanding of the enterprise sales process while also allowing seasoned sales professionals to organise their sales plan and get an actionable guide at the end of the course.


Who is it for?

Anyone that is new to enterprise sales or wants to refresh their overall sales skills including: Recent Graduates, Sales Representatives, Account Managers & Entrepreneurs


What you will learn

After the completion of the course, you will get a well rounded update on the enterprise selling, account management including a personalized go to market sales template, other useful templates, tools and an Acknowledgment of Completion. 


What's included?

10 Videos
2 Quizzes
10 Surveys
30 Texts

Doing mistakes is part of the learning process, but don't do the same mistakes that others have learnt from.

Take this course to save time, money and pain so you can focus on your own learnings.

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