24 Minute MBA

24 Minute MBA

An overview course on essential business skills that everyone should know

Why Did We Develop This Course

 In today's fast paced business world, we need to continually be at the top of our game, armed with a set of key skills that are effective in helping us stand out and excel. However, we don't have as much time for personal development, we are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of information and we don't know where to start.
  Through the 24min MBA Program, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos that provide practical tips on essential business skills for aspiring professionals. This playlist would be supported by a set of resources that would be available to the participants.

Who is it for?           

Anyone that is new to business or wants to refresh their overall business skills including: Recent Graduates, Employees,  Managers & Entrepreneurs

What you will learn

After the completion of the course, you will get a well rounded update on the various business topics that are most important for your day to day jobs including templates, tools and an Acknowledgment of Completion. 

Our Course Methodology





What's included?

12 Videos
2 Quizzes
12 Surveys
36 Texts

Doing mistakes is part of the learning process, but don't do the same mistakes that others have learnt from. 

Take this course to save time, money and pain so you can focus on your own learnings.

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