Training Workshop for Job Seekers Bundle of Online Courses

Training Workshop for Job Seekers Bundle of Online Courses

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Training Workshop for Job Seekers Bundle of Online Courses includes these courses

Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication is one of the most important life skills which we use to express our thoughts and opinions and understand others, whether in professional or personal situations.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is removing the obstacles you may face on the path of your goal achievement.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a skill you attain developing your judgments by thinking open mindedly, logically and coherently. By becoming a good critical thinker, you become a more independent and self-directed learner.

Freelancing in Gig Economy

The gig economy is the way of the future. Understanding how freelancing in the gig economy works will increase your chances of establishing a successful career in the gig economy.

Creative Thinking

Creativity is the process of nurturing your imagination allowing you to “think out of the box”. Being able to train your mind to think creatively helps you invent, problem-solve, create and communicate in fresh, new ways.

Interview Skills

This course will help you build your improve your interviewing skills. Over an hour of practical videos, case studies, and guides. Our experts are available to answer your questions.

Productivity Online Tools

Free online tools can be utilized to your needs and increase your productivity. In this simple course, we will be giving you guidelines of how to start using these tools to your own benefit.

CV Writing

Good CV writing is essential for job seekers to get the face-to-face interview needed for the job they desire. Learn how to prepare a high-standard CV by deciding what kind of CV is the most appropriate for you.