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Presentation Skills

Becoming a better presenter is becoming a better communicator and thus, becoming a more successful individual. Learn how to improve your presentation skills by learning how to keep your presentation clear and focused.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Fundamentals Course for Entrepreneurs and Small Business. Simple and Practical guide to help you reach and engage your community.


Innovation Design Thinking

Launch your next Innovation Through this Simple Step by Step Process using the Innovation Design Thinking methodology.


CV Writing

Good CV writing is essential for job seekers to get the face-to-face interview needed for the job they desire. Learn how to prepare a high-standard CV by deciding what kind of CV is the most appropriate for you.


Internet Safety

The internet continues to expand everyday bringing convenience, access to information and tools. What we don’t notice as clearly is that threats are increasing along with it. We are surrounded by risks and need to be aware and knowledgeable.



Learn the Essential Leadership Skills to succeed in today's fast paced business world. A simple and practical set of chapters to help you navigate key business topics you face as a leader.