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Courses Site Map

Module 1 24minMarketing Module
Unit 1 Innovation Design Thinking Pretest  
Unit 2 Understand the Problem  
Unit 3 Ideate  
Unit 4 Prototype  
Unit 5 Evaluate and Refine  
Unit 6 Innovation Design Thinking Posttest  
Module 1 Online Safety
Unit 1 Online Safety Pre-Test  
Unit 2 How to Prevent Phishing  
Unit 3 How to Have a Strong Password  
Unit 4 Importance of Privacy Settings  
Unit 5 Useful Software for Online Protection  
Unit 6 How to Detect an Untrustworthy Website  
Unit 7 4 Tips on How to Keep Your Device Secure  
Unit 8 4 Steps on How to Avoid and Handle Identity Theft  
Unit 9 Ignore or Report a Cyber Bully  
Unit 10 Types of Virus Threats  
Unit 11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Interact With Strangers  
Unit 12 Online Safety Post Test  
Module 1 Productivity Skills
Unit 1 Productivity Skills PreTest  
Unit 2 5 Elements of Time Management  
Unit 3 4 Practices to Discover Your Strengths  
Unit 4 4 Stress Management Techniques  
Unit 5 5 Shortcuts to Better Decision Making  
Unit 6 6 Productivity Hacks for Life  
Unit 7 Productivity Skills PostTest  
Module 1 Critical Thinking
Unit 1 Critical Thinking PreTest  
Unit 2 7 Reasons Why Critical Thinking is Important  
Unit 3 3 Types of Thinkers  
Unit 4 6 Stages of Critical Thinking Development  
Unit 5 5 Qualities of a High-Standard Critical Thinker  
Unit 6 5 Common Mistakes Our Thinking Mind Can Make  
Unit 7 6 Ways to Develop Good Critical Thinkers  
Unit 8 Critical Thinking PostTest  
Module 1 Creative Thinking  
Unit 1 Creative Thinking PreTest
Unit 2 8 Reasons Why Creativity is an Essential Skill for Everyone to Learn
Unit 3 6 Ways to Apply Creative Thinking in your Everyday Life
Unit 6 8 Things to Avoid which will Impact your Creative Thinking
Unit 7 Creative Thinking PostTest
Module 1 Business Model Innovation
Unit 1 Business Model Innovation Pretest  
Unit 2 Define your Customer Segments  
Unit 3 Define your Value Proposition  
Unit 4 Channel Strategies  
Unit 5 Customer Relationship Types  
Unit 6 Key Revenue Streams  
Unit 7 Key Resource Types  
Unit 8 Key Activities your Business Engages in  
Unit 9 Key Partnerships  
Unit 10 Important Cost Structures  
Unit 11 Business Model Innovation Posttest  
Module 1 Interview Skills
Unit 1 Interview Skills Pre Test  
Unit 2 5 Kinds of Interviews Used Today  
Unit 3 4 Reasons why Interviews are Good for Job Seekers  
Unit 4 8 Qualities of an Exceptional Interviewer  
Unit 5 7 Ways to Improve Interviewing Skills  
Unit 6 7 Things Not to Do in a Job Interview  
Unit 7 6 Signs Telling You that You Nailed the Interview  
Unit 8 Interview Skills Post Test  
Module 1 Project Management Essentials
Unit 1 Project Management Essentials Pretest  
Unit 2 Introduction to Project Management  
Unit 3 Initiating and Planning a Project  
Unit 4 Creating your Project Plan  
Unit 5 What should be Included in your Project Plan  
Unit 6 Effectively Executing a Project  
Unit 7 Effective Project Management Communication  
Unit 8 Closing a Project  
Unit 9 What Makes a Successful Project Manager  
Unit 10 Common Project Manager Pitfalls  
Unit 11 The Project Manager’s Checklist  
Unit 12 Project Management Essentials Posttest  
Module 1 Presentation Skills
Unit 1 Presentation Skills PreTest  
Unit 2 5 Reasons Why Presentation Skills are Important to Everyone  
Unit 3 6 Key Elements You Should Consider while Preparing Your Presentation  
Unit 4 4 Pillars of a Great Presentation  
Unit 5 6 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills  
Unit 6 6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Presenting  
Unit 7 Presentation Skills PostTest  
Module 1 Starting a Blog Online
Unit 1 Starting a Blog Online PreTest  
Unit 2 5 Ways a Blog Can Improve Your Service  
Unit 3 3 Ways to Create a Successful Blog  
Unit 4 4 Tactics to Attracting Improved Readership  
Unit 5 3 Steps to Portray Your Unique Story  
Unit 6 3 Reasons to Maintain Blog Post Consistency  
Unit 7 3 Choices to Make When Starting Your Blog  
Unit 8 5 Steps to Getting Your Blog Started  
Unit 9 12 Steps to Self-Hosting Your Blog  
Unit 10 Starting a Blog Online PostTest  
Module 1 24minMarketing Module
Unit 1 Digital Marketing Pretest  
Unit 2 Marketing Plan  
Unit 3 Organizing your Marketing Department  
Unit 4 Digital Marketing Plan  
Unit 5 5 Key Marketing Metrics that Actually Matter  
Unit 6 Email Marketing Strategies  
Unit 7 Social Media Results  
Unit 8 Essential Search Engine Optimization Strategies  
Unit 9 Content Marketing Superiority  
Unit 10 Revenue Generation Models  
Unit 11 3 Quick Tips To Succeed with Inbound Marketing  
Unit 12 3 Tips on How to Run an Outbound Marketing Campaign  
Unit 13 3 Reasons on Why you Need to Podcast  
Unit 14 24 minute Marketing Posttest  
Module 1 24minSales
Unit 1 24 Minute Sales Pretest  
Unit 2 Program Overview  
Unit 3 Essential Sales Skills  
Unit 4 Offerings Benefits  
Unit 5 Segment Your Clients  
Unit 6 Sales Funnel Stages  
Unit 7 Gaining Prospects  
Unit 8 Sales Qualifications  
Unit 9 Winning Proposals  
Unit 10 Closing your Sale  
Unit 11 Project Management  
Unit 12 24 minute Sales Posttest  
Module 1 24 minute Accounting
Unit 1 24 Minute Accounting Pretest  
Unit 2 24 minute Accounting Course Overview  
Unit 3 Accounting Department Structure  
Unit 4 Which Accounting System to Use?  
Unit 5 Accounting Concepts  
Unit 6 Double Entry Principle  
Unit 7 Accounting Cycle  
Unit 8 Chart of Accounts  
Unit 9 Recognition of Revenue  
Unit 10 Accounting for Inventories  
Unit 11 Accounting for Fixed Assets  
Unit 12 Income Statement  
Unit 13 Balance Sheet  
Unit 14 Auditing for your Business  
Unit 15 24 minute Accounting Posttest  
Module 1 Podcast
Unit 1 Podcast PreTest  
Unit 2 3 Reasons to Utilize the Powers of Podcasting  
Unit 3 3 Different Podcasting Structures  
Unit 4 3 Approaches that will Help you Determine your Podcast Focus  
Unit 5 2 Interview Techniques that you can Utilize in your Podcast  
Unit 6 3 Unique Ways to Gain Sponsorship for your Podcast  
Unit 7 2 Benefits of Connecting your Podcast with your Other Platforms  
Unit 8 4 Ways to Increase Podcast Popularity  
Unit 9 5 Essential Podcasting Tools that you Should Know about  
Unit 10 Podcast PostTest  
Module 1 Teamwork
Unit 1 Teamwork PreTest  
Unit 2 5 Reasons Why Effective Teamwork is Important For All Organisations  
Unit 3 5 Steps Creating an Exceptional Effective Team Work  
Unit 4 5 Reasons Why Workforce Diversity Is Good For Business  
Unit 5 5 Essential Stages of Team Development  
Unit 6 6 Steps Building a Collaborative Team Environment  
Unit 7 7 Ways to Know the Team Is Not OK  
Unit 8 Teamwork PostTest  
Module 1 CV Writing - Potential
Unit 1 CV Writing - Pre-Test  
Unit 2 7 Reasons Why a CV is Important for Job Seekers  
Unit 3 8 Qualities of Exceptional High-Standard CV Writing  
Unit 4 3 Types of CVs  
Unit 5 7 Step Layout of a Chronological CV  
Unit 6 7 Step Layout of a Functional CV  
Unit 7 3 Reasons Why a Combined CV is Most Appropriate  
Unit 8 4 Important Things Employers Look For In a CV  
Unit 9 CV Writing - Post Test  

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